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Doctrine: Family of Faith Church offers doctrinal classes for those making profession of faith and for anyone interested in learning more about biblical teachings of the church.

Music Ministry: This exciting ministry under the direction of Doug Horne provides an excellent opportunity for all ages to utilize their musical gifts in our worship services and hymn sings.

Young Christian Leaders: We invite Christian young people (ages 14 and up) to fellowship and be discipled to pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord, impact the world, and encourage those around them. Parents are welcome to attend. Regular meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 5:30-10:00pm with a few exceptions.

HEIGHTS Home School Co-op: This co-op meets on Tuesday afternoons and is geared toward elementery and high school children.

Midwest Fine Arts: On Wednesdays, Family of Faith Church hosts a fine arts program with drama and music under the direction of Brian and Kathy Wessel (815) 478-3046.

Sound System: A team of young people run the sound system. There is a lot of opportunity for learning video, audio, and technology skills.

Homeschool Resource Center: This ministry provides information, encouragement, fellowship, and resources to Christian homeschooling families. The center also hosts periodic events that support homeschooling and home discipleship.

HSRC Sports: Home educated children and young people can join teams for soccer, volleyball, cross country, and basketball.

Kitchen Ministry: Family of Faith is blessed with a great kitchen for support of various fellowship events.

Potlucks: These are held monthly on the first Sunday of the month after the morning service.

Hospitality: We encourage spending time with each other as families in our homes, eating, worshiping, and visiting together.

Missions: This ministry, headed up by Doug Horne, provides opportunities to participate in work and service projects at various times throughout the year. We also support several missionaries around the world.

Church Library: We desire our library resources to be used to support families in their vision of growing together in God.

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