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Seven Connections

These seven connections are important for disciples of Jesus.

Connection One: You and God

The daily practice of spending time alone with God gives each of us an opportunity to talk (prayer) and listen (Bible reading) to God repeatedly. Talking and listening repeatedly leads to a deeper relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ in tune with the Holy Spirit. If you have children, encourage them to start a lifelong habit of meeting with God daily.

Connection Two: You and Your Spouse

If you are married, connecting with your husband or wife on a spiritual level builds a strong relationship for the two of you. Relationships are built with constant communication. God creates a special oneness and connectedness in marriage when a husband and wife meet with Him together.

Connection Three: Your Family

If you have children, home discipleship involves a family worship time every day. Read the Bible together, practice a memory verse, pray, and sing together. Family worship time may last a total of only 15 minutes, but it can transform the day and enrich your family's spiritual life. Establishing these habits together goes a long way toward tranmitting vibrant faith and a biblical worldview to your children.

Connection Four: You and Faith-Filled Friends

Close relationships with trusted Christians beyond your family create a sense of community, caring, and support. God created us to need each other for encouragement and accountability. Hospitality, inviting others into our homes, helps us to connect with other Christian individuals and families. Much blessing comes through small gatherings of dear friends for heart to heart conversation, prayer, and enjoying each other's company.

Connection Five: You and Your Church

Sunday worship celebrates and strengthens our relationships with God and each other. Weekly worship is especially rich when it flows from all the daily listening and talking with God and with one another that has occurred during the week. In public worship God blesses his people through biblical preaching, baptism, the Lord's Supper, and fellowship. God delights in receiving our praises, prayers, and gifts. Daily discipleship and weekly worship strengthen each other.

Connection Six: You and the Kingdom

If you are a Christian, you are part of a worldwide family of faith that honors the God of the Bible as King. Families and individuals need habits in their lives that connect them to Christians all over the world – past and present. God's people connect to the Christian past through understanding church history, accepting time-tested doctrine, and singing hymns. God's people connect today through the habits of prayer and giving for each other's needs.

Connection Seven: You and the World

When we are experiencing closer connections to God in our lives, we will naturally want to share with others who are struggling in their connections to God and others. As God's ambassadors, we invite others to seek a relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Evangelism presents the gospel of Jesus to people and helps them to begin their quest of faith by reading the Bible and praying as they seek an interactive relationship with God. Our outreach includes seeing and meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the unbelieving world. God has called Christians to build bridges to the world and to bring Christ's transforming influence to every dimension of life.

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