Audio Visual

This page contains some videos on how the sound system works starting with the basics of the Mixer board and the Powerpoint computer for playing videos and its use for other operations. The Powerpoint computer has a guest login which can be used visitors that need to display information using the Projector.

Let’s start with the Basics of the sound system. Showing you how to turn on and use the system for a meeting at church. Note: The Red Stereo slider controls the master volume out to the speakers. The AUX2 Slider controls the Volume out to the Video camera for recording and Streaming. Most People will use the Podium or stage right Microphone Lapel 1 can be used for other presenter as needed. After you have the system on and have turned on the Microphones you wish to use you can visit each Microphone and test it by speaking into the Microphone or tapping it with your finger to see that it is making sound through the speakers.

Mixer Basics

Using auxiliary source

Playing audio from you phone or laptop

Playing DVD’s and Youtube and other videos.

You can search for programs on the computer by using the search tool (magnifying glass) in the upper right hand side of the tool bar. Type in the name of the program you are looking for DVD, Chrome, Etc. The select it from the results


This video shows how to prepare to use the PowerPoint slides for our church service. Anyone can login as “Guest user” and use the system for PowerPoint or to play videos. The FOFCAV account is for running Powerpoint for the Church service.

Sunday Sound

This video shows you the setup for Sunday Services. Watch the Mixer Basics video first before this video. It has information on turning on the system and setting up microphones