Total Fitness

Series of messages by Dr. David Feddes on seven areas of Total Fitness. Click any title below to watch sermon video in Total Fitness series.

Overview: Total Fitness

Get Wisdom

Total Fitness

Total Fitness Training

1. Spiritual Fitness

Spiritual Fitness

Feeding on God’s Word

Healthy Prayer Patterns

Take a Break

Are You Listening?

2. Physical Fitness

Why Care for Your Body?

Physical Fitness (Part 1)

Physical Fitness (Part 2)

Body Language

3. Financial Fitness

Whose Money Is It?

Making Good Money

Money and Marriage

Dealing With Debt

Financial Planning

Rich and Poor

4. Intellectual Fitness

Intellectual Fitness

The Mind of Christ (Part 1)

The Mind of Christ (Part 2)

5. Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness

Painful Feelings

Pleasant Feelings

A Happy Heart

Overcoming Child Abuse

6. Relational Fitness

Relational Fitness

Relating in Christ

Forgiving and Restoring

Family and Friends

Overcoming Partner Abuse

Overcoming Pornography

Overcoming Addiction

7. Vocational Fitness

Vocational Fitness

Ten Traits of Great Workers

Pursuing Total Fitness

Pursuing Total Fitness

Unfit, Yet Totally Fit