Biblical Doctrines

Dr. David Feddes, Family of Faith’s pastor, is also Provost of Christian Leaders Institute. 
Here are some CLI presentations (video and MP3) by Dr. Feddes about biblical doctrines. (Needs videos linked properly yet Jerry)

Why Study Doctrine

The Person the Prophets predicted

Tall Tales About Jesus

Which Books Belong in the Bible?

Evidence of Biblical Accuracy

Blessed Trinity

Seeing the Lord of Hosts

Created in God’s Image


How Serious is Sin?

Jesus’ Deity Displayed in Words and Works

What the Cross Accomplished

Satan’s Main Aim

Resurrection Skeptics

Union With Christ

Spiritual DNA Testing

Justification by Faith

The Holy Spirit in Action

Your Past, Present, and Future

Persevering and Producing

Chosen and Predestined

The Chosen and the Hardened

Pray Like Children

Pray Without Ceasing

Church Membership

Should Babies be Baptized?

The Lord’s Supper

Qualified to Lead

Male and Female in Church

Christian Freedom

The Antichrist

Different Millennial Views

The Millennium is Now

Between Death and Resurrection

Eternal Pleasures

Resurrection Bodies

Resurrection Relationships

The New Creation: Heaven on Earth

Why Eternity Matters Now